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Skill IndiaEINFOLINGUA SERVICESoffers content development services in skill development sector with an aim to bridge the gap due to lack of supply-driven curriculum that is not in sync with the industry demands. We have the capacity to develop and customize content for a number of industry sectors at competitive prices.

We have the content available for 15 Industry Sectors (Sector Skill Councils or SSCs) with a list of121 Courses (Qualification Packs/Trades)developed for (IT & ITES, Electronics, Retail, Construction, Health Care, Plumbing, Telecom(Service Provider), Telecom(Handset), Capital Goods, Beauty & Wellness, Automotive, Logistics, Tourism & Hospitality, BFSI, Agriculture and Apparel) as per the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) guidelines, and aligned with the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Modular Employable Scheme (MES).

For easy understanding, instructions are given following a multi-directional approach with easy to understand teaching-learning methodology to enhance practical knowledge of participants.

The learning-training resources include a comprehensive kit (in both soft copy and printed format) that builds knowledge, skill and behavioural competencies among trainees and provides support material for trainers. This kit includes:

1.    Participant Handbook /Participant's Guide

2.    Trainer Guide/Faculty Guide

3.    Session Plan/Training Delivery Plan

4.    Power Point Presentation (PPT)

Most of our training-learning course material is available in 2 languages — English & Hindi (Bilingual format) . The material can be developed in other languages as well as per customer requirement.


Trade List (121 Courses) from 15 Industry Sectors+Soft Skills+Communicative English+Information Technology

1. IT & ITES

S.No. NSDC QP Code Sector/Course
1 SSC/ Q2201 NSDC Associate - Customer Care (Non-Voice)
2 SSC/Q2211 NSDC CRM Domestic Non-Voice
3 SSC/Q2210 NSDC CRM Domestic Voice
4 SSC/Q2212 NSDC Domestic Data Entry Operator
5 SSC/Q0110 NSDC Domestic IT Helpdesk Attendant
6 SSC/Q6301 NSDC Management Trainee
7 SSC/Q2502 NSDC Network Assistant
8 SSC/Q0101 NSDC Engineer Technical Support Level-1
9 SSC/Q0501 NSDC Software Developer
10 ICT 701 MES Account Assistant Using Tally
11 ICT 702 MES Computer Network Assistant
12 ICT 703 MES Computer Hardware Assistant
13 ICT 705 MES BPO Non-Voice
14 ICT 706 MES BPO Voice
15 ELC 702 MES Repair and Maintenance of Office Electronic Equipment

2. Retail

16 RAS/Q0101 NSDC Store Ops Assistant
17 RAS/Q0103 NSDC Trainee Associate
18 RAS/Q0104 NSDC Sales Associate
19 RET101 MES Retail Sales Person
20 RET103 MES Retail Operations

3. Construction

21 CON/Q0101 NSDC Helper Mason
22 CON/Q0103 NSDC Mason General
23 CON/Q0201 NSDC Helper Bar Bender & Steel Fixer
24 CON/Q0204 NSDC Reinforcement Fitter
25 CON/Q0602 NSDC Assistant Electrician
26 CON/Q0101 NSDC Helper Mason
27 CON/Q0102  NSDC Assistant Mason
28 CON/Q0111 NSDC Supervisor - Structure/Construction Work Supervisor
29 CON/Q0202 NSDC Assistant Bar Bender & Steel Fixer
30 CON/Q0203 NSDC Bar Bender and Steel Fixer
31 CON/Q0601 NSDC Helper Electrician
32 CON/Q0603 NSDC Construction Electrician – LV
33 CON/Q1402 NSDC Supervisor - Site EHS
34 CON/Q0301 NSDC Helper Shuttering Carpenter
35 CON/Q0302 NSDC Assistant  Shuttering Carpenter
36 ELERN14101 MES Electrician Domestic

4. Health Care

37 HSS/Q5101 NSDC General Duty Assistant
38 DWC/Q0801 NSDC Elderly Care Taker
39 DWC/Q0201 NSDC Child Care Taker
40 HSS/ Q8601 NSDC Front Line Health Worker
41 MED 101 MES Bedside Assistant

5. Plumbing

42 PSC/Q0102 NSDC Plumber (General) Assistant
43 PSC/Q0110  NSDC Plumber (General) - II
44 PSC/Q0104 NSDC Plumber (General)
45 Con 715 MES Plumber

6. (a) Telecom -Sub-Sector – Service Provider

46 TEL/Q0100 NSDC Customer Care Executive (Call Center)
47 TEL/Q0200 NSDC Field Sales Executive (FSE)
48 TEL/Q0102 NSDC Broadband Technician
49 TEL/Q0201 NSDC Sales Executive (Broadband)
50 TEL/Q0101 NSDC Customer Care Executive (Relationship Centre)

6. (b) Telecom -Sub-Sector – Handset

51 TEL/Q2100 NSDC Distributor Sales Representative
52 TEL/Q2101  NSDC In-Store Promoter
53 TEL/Q2200  NSDC Customer Care Executive (Repair Centre)
54 TEL/Q2201 NSDC Handset Repair Engineer (Level II)

7. Capital Goods

55 CSC/Q0304 NSDC Fitter Mechanical Assembly
56 CSC/Q0901 NSDC Maintenance Fitter - Mechanical
57 ISC/Q1001 NSDC Iron & Steel – Fitter: Electrical Assembly
58 CSC/Q0303 NSDC Fitter Fabrication
59 CSC/Q0301 NSDC Sheet Metal Worker - Hand Tools and Manually Operated Machines

8. Beauty & Wellness

60 BWS/Q0101 NSDC Assistant Beautician/Assitant Beauty Therapist
61 BWS/Q0102 NSDC Pedicurist & Manicurist
62 BWS/Q0201 NSDC Assistant Hair Stylist
63 BWS/Q0202 NSDC Hair Stylist

9. Automotive

64 ASC/Q1004 NSDC Accessories and Value Added Services Sales Executive
65 ASC/Q1402 NSDC Auomotive Service Technician
66 ASC/Q1411 NSDC Auomotive Service Technician (Two & Three Wheelers)
67 ASC/Q1401 NSDC Auomotive Service Technician Level 3
68 ASC/Q1106 NSDC Customer Relationship Executive Level 4
69 ASC/Q9702 NSDC Light Motor Vehicle Driver Level III (LMV)
70 ASC/Q9703 NSDC Commercial Vehicle Driver Level IV (HMV)
71 ASC/Q9714 NSDC Chauffeur / Taxi Driver
72 ASC/Q1103 NSDC Showroom Hostess/Host
73 ASC/Q1105 NSDC Telecaller
74 ASC/Q1801 NSDC Sales Representative
75 ASC/Q1011 NSDC Dealership Telecaller Sales Executive
76 ASC/Q1111 NSDC Showroom Hostess/Customer Relationship Executive
77 AUR 710 MES Basic Car Servicing

10. Logistics

78 LSC/Q2303 NSDC Warehouse Packer
79 LSC/Q2102 NSDC Warehouse Picker
80 LSC/Q2307  NSDC Warehouse Supervisor
81 LSC/Q3023 NSDC Courier Delivery Executive
82 LSC/Q1122 NSDC Documentation Assistant
83 LSC/Q1120 NSDC Consignment Booking Assistant

11. Tourism & Hospitality

84 THC/Q0301 NSDC Food & Beverage Steward
85 THC/Q4205 NSDC Meet and Greet Officer
86 THC/Q4501 NSDC Heritage Tour Guide
87 THC/Q0102 NSDC Front Office cum Receptionist
88 THC/Q0202 NSDC Room Attendant
89 THC/Q0203 NSDC Housekeeping Attendant
90 THC/Q0201 NSDC Housekeeping Supervisor
91 THC/Q0104 NSDC Bell Boy
92 THC/Q2902 NSDC Home Delivery Boy
93 THC/Q2901 NSDC Order Taker - Home Delivery
94 HOS 704 MES Housekeeper
95 HOS 705 MES Hospitality Assistant (General)
96 HOS 709 MES Food & Beverages Service
97 HOS 610 MES Front Office Cum Receptionist

12. Electronics

98 ELE/Q8101 NSDC DTH Set-top Box Installer and Service Technician
99 ELE/Q3102 NSDC Refrigerator and AC Technician
100 ELE/Q3101 NSDC Field Technician Refrigerator
101 ELE/Q3102 NSDC Field Technician: Air Conditioner
102 ELE/5901 NSDC Solar Panel Installation Technician
103 ELE/Q3104 NSDC Field Technician: Other Home Appliances

13. BFSI

104 BSC/Q0301 NSDC Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator (BCBF)
105 BSC/Q0601 NSDC Mutal Fund Agent
106 BSC/Q 0101 NSDC Life Insurance Agent

14. Agriculture and Allied

107 AGR/Q5301 NSDC Bee Keeping
108 AGR/Q7502 NSDC Warehouse Worker

15. Apparel

109 AMH/Q0301 NSDC Sewing Machine Operator
110 AMH/Q0701 NSDC Sampling Tailor
111 AMH/Q1947 NSDC Self Employed Tailor
112 AMH/Q0401 NSDC Pressman
113 AMH/ Q 2301 NSDC Specialized Sewing Machine Operator
114 FAD 801 MES Fashion Design Technology
115 GAR 901 MES Advanced Apparel Manufacturing
116 GAR 515 + GAR 516 MES Industrial Sewing Machine Operator
117 GAR 805 MES Advance Pattern Making and AutoCAD
118 GAR 702 MES Apparel manufacturing technologyknits(foundation)

16. Soft Skills/Communication Skills/IT

119 DDU GKY MES Soft Skills
120 DDU GKY MES Communicative English
121 DDU GKY MES Information Technology


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