einfoLINGUA offers subtitling and captioning services in most of the Indian, Asian & European languages.

Subtitles are textual interpretation of the dialogue in films and television programmes, usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. They can either be in the form of written translation of a dialogue in a local/foreign language or a written interpretation of the dialogue in the same language. Subtitling is more than just words being displayed on screen as it involves much more than simply translating words from one language to another. True subtitling signifies the adaptation of one set of cultural references and idiomatic phrases into those of another culture.

Subtitling is usually preferred by film buffs as they believe that it is more important to hear the tone of voice of the original actors, rather than hear a less talented actor dubbing their lines. Subtitling is also very useful when there is a requirement to present the translation of two languages at the same time.

We provide subtitles in .SRT, .SUB, .IDX and other formats as well.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Subtitling services offered in various media formats like vhs, Beta, film and DVD
  • Arial Unicode fonts (provided on special request)
  • Subtitles are edited for better readability and reading speed
  • Adaptation of the language to suit the cultural and traditional norms of the target audience
  • Complete accuracy and fast turn around time
  • Wide range of services
  • Confidentiality and asset security
  • One of the best skill set of translators and editors

Captioning Services

Our captioning team can provide open/closed captioning in all languages. We can create a plain language stream /or a stream for deaf and hard of hearing viewers as per the broadcasters requirement.

Captioning is the textual display of words being spoken (as well as other audio) presented on a television or a movie screen, that allows a deaf or hard-of-hearing viewer to follow the dialogue and the action of a programme simultaneously. The captions typically appear in white upper-case letters against a black background.

Closed Captioning

The term "closed" in closed captioning is used for people with hearing disability. These captions are transcription rather than a translation, and usually contain descriptions of important non-dialog audio as well like -"(sighs)" or "(door creaks)" and lyrics etc.

Burned–In Captioning

Captions that is permanently visible in a video, film, or other medium.


  • Technical Translation
  • Indian Languages
  • Asian Languages
  • e-Learning Content Translation Services
  • Content Writing
  • Voice Over
  • Video Productions


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einfoLINGUA is an Indian company with a global presence on world map. We are into Language Translation & e-learning business, working with major players of IT/ITES, manufacturing and service industry.

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